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2016 Fifteenth East China (Qingdao) International Electronics Industry Manufacturing Exhibition, Northeast Asia's top professional exhibition. Attracted a total of 36 countries from around the world and 3660 companies to participate in the exhibition, the cumulative audience reached 210,000 people.

 Over the past 50 years, GOOT has been mainly engaged in SMT related products, temperature controlled electric soldering iron, ceramic heating core electric power, electric iron core, etc., and has been established in the past five decades. GOOT has been a leading supplier of electric tools Soldering iron, nickel-chromium alloy heating iron core, fast thermal soldering iron, lead-free solder corresponding to the soldering iron, SMT rework system, reflow oven, placement system, soldering iron, solder, solder paste, Welding auxiliary related products, school teaching materials, special heating core, amateur with solder products

 Since its establishment in Shanghai in 1999, Hapoin has passed the 18-year glorious history and continuously introduced foreign advanced technology, equipment and services to domestic electronics manufacturing enterprises for 18 years。 This 18-year joint venture with China Electronics Manufacturing Industry development and growth, won the majority of customer recognition and praise。

鼎鑫彩票官网  July 28, 2016, Heng Peng enterprises join hands with Pacific Electric (GOOT)) to participate in the 15th East China (Qingdao) International Electronics Industry Manufacturing Exhibition。

鼎鑫彩票官网  Heng Peng - Pacific Motor Industry Co。, Ltd。 (GOOT) in Qingdao International Electronics Industry Exhibition site:

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